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The Podcast Mission

The mission of this podcast is to give the chain restaurant industry a voice and help everyone in the chain restaurant industry be more successful.

The 4 Core Values of The CRS Podcast

  1. To highlight all of the good that chain restaurants do every day in each of our local communities
  2. To showcase the chain restaurant industry as a career path of choice
  3. To provide tips, tools & tactics to help every listener become more successful
  4. To help feed 1 million hungry children

What to expect from the CRS Podcast

There will be two main types of shows. 

One type of show will be an interview with a chain restaurant executive or industry leader where they will take us inside their brand.

The second type of show will be a short tips, tools and tactics episode featuring at least 1 practical takeaway to implement in your business.

We will also release bonus episodes along the way which will be a master class in various industry related topics.

The average interview show length will be between 20 - 30 minutes.

The average tips, tools and tactics episode will be about 4 minutes.

"The purpose of learning is not to learn everything about something, but to learn something from everything"

Jerry Stoffer