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000 About The CRS Podcast

  • Who’s is ready to serve today my fellow Chain Nation Insiders?  Jason here and welcome to episode # (000) of the chain restaurant success podcast, About the CRS Podcast
  • The main purpose and mission of the Chain Restaurant Success Podcast is to give the chain restaurant industry a voice. 
  • Learn Why I am starting a podcast dedicated to the chain restaurant industry.    
  • The chain restaurant success podcast has 4 primary core values:
    • 1. Showcase all of the good that the chain restaurant industry does day in and day out
    • 2. Highlight the chain restaurant industry as a career path of choice
    • 3. Provide tips, tools and tactics for all of us to be more successful and profitable
    • 4. To feed 1 million children though a partnership with No Kid Hungry. 
    •  Show Format Explained     
  •  Their is a Survey Link on the website     
  •  My direct email and contact info is:       
  • Please hit subscribe on your podcast browser so all new episodes will be at your fingertips the moment they are released. 
  •  Help feed 1 million children, money is donated for every download of every episode to a hunger relief organization. 
  •  My journey.  From culinary school, to chef, to failed independent restaurant owner to successful, multi unit chain restaurant owner.    My mission is help others succeed and get the word out about what an amazing opportunity everyone has in the chain restaurant industry.      
  •  A fond farewell and reminder that chain restaurant success does not come easy, but together we can make it happen!  

About the author, Jason

Jason Kveton is the host of the Chain Restaurant Success Podcast. The mission of the podcast is to give the chain restaurant industry a voice! Jason has been in the restaurant industry for nearly 30 years and wants to highlight all of the good that the industry does every day.

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